Friday, March 2, 2012

Floral Border embroidery design

Floral Border 17

The design, too, composed of the English
rose, the Scotch thistle, and the French lily,
tends to strengthen the theory that we have
here an actual example of the queen's handi-
work (Plate 43). The small subjects in the
ovals may have' been copied from some illus-
trated book of fables. There is another panel
belonging to the same set.

If these be the work of the Queen of
Scots, there are others which have an un-
doubted connection with her jailer. A set
of small velvet panels bears, besides various
symbolic devices, the initials E. S. (Elizabeth
Shrewsbury) and the date 1590.

Two other panels of appliqud work on
red velvet, with designs of scrollwork inter-
laced with flowering stems have, in one case,
the same initials ensigned with a coronet
(Plate 44), and, in the other, a stag tripping,
the crest of Hardwick (Plate 45).

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  1. I just realized I forgot to post a Thank You to everyone and congrats to all the winners and of course to the DT for their gorgeous inspirations!! border designs for greeting cards