Friday, March 2, 2012

Medieval embroidery Pattern

Medieval Pattern

The box illustrated in Plate 50 is from
the collection of Lord Zouche.* The ground
is of cream-white satin, a material almost
invariably used. The figures are in extremely
high relief, and have suffered accordingly.
The subjects include the Visit of the Queen
of Sheba, the Judgment of Solomon, Susanna
surprised by the Elders, and the Sacrifice of
Isaac. The female figures round the slope
of the cover symbolize the five senses. Various
flowers and other designs are worked on the
drawers and compartments inside.

A mirror frame in the Victoria and Albert
Museum (No. 247, 1896) is unfinished, and
is more interesting in this condition as it
illustrates the method of procedure. The
whole design has been first outlined in ink
on the satin ; parts of the flat embroidery
have been then completed, and the relief work
has, in a few instances, been added. There
is at the Guildhall Museum in London, an
embroidered panel also unfinished, the outline
of the whole design having been similarly
traced in black. It is said to have been
rescued from a house in Cheapside at the
time of the great fire of 1666.

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