Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Woman embroidery design

Vintage Woman

The development of the sampler in the
following century will be referred to in the
next chapter.

Some embroideries of the seventeenth
century, designed on a far larger scale, remain
to be briefly described.

A few years ago there was discovered,
behind an accumulation of wallpapers in an
old house in Hatton Garden, a series of
hangings, of a remarkable character, probably
embroidered soon after the middle of the
seventeenth century. When the stripping
of the walls brought them to light, they were
so dirty as to be hardly recognizable ; but a
careful process of cleaning led to a very satis-
factory result. The hangings are six in
number, each measuring about 7 feet 9 inches
high by 4 feet wide. The canvas ground is
completely hidden by embroidery of coloured
wools in varied stitches.

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