Friday, March 2, 2012

Thailand Dancer embroidery design

Thailand Dancer 13

A favourite device in the reign of James I.
is the obelisk or pyramid. It frequently
occurs in architecture, wood-carving and
silver-work, and sometimes it is to be seen in
embroideries of the period. A small canvas
panel in the Victoria and Albert Museum t
has a pyramid rising from a crown, with
rows of flowers between. In another piece,
a bag or purse,J the pyramids rest on

Small bags of this nature, generally square
or oblong, are frequently met with. Some
were intended to contain books ; others may
have been used for holding embroidery
materials and such articles. They generally
have a string for drawing the open side to-
gether. The usual ornament is a spray of
flowers. Such a bag is illustrated in Plate

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