Friday, March 2, 2012

Rosette embroidery

Rosette 7

Tradition assigns an earlier origin to another
pair, presented, together with other works of
art associated with the Denny family, by Sir
Edward Denny, Bart., to the Victoria and
Albert Museum in 1882. They are of leather,
with white satin gauntlets elaborately em-
broidered and enriched with numerous seed-
pearls. It is believed that they are the gloves
recorded to have been given by Henry VIII.
to Sir Anthony Denny, who was successively
Groom of the Stole, a Privy Councillor, and
an Executor of the King, and afterwards
one of the guardians of the young king
Edward VI. The design, however, seems to
point to a later origin, and it is perhaps more
likely that they are the pair given by James I.
to Sir Edward Denny (afterwards Earl of
Norwich), who, as Sheriff of Hertfordshire,
received the king during his journey from

A pair of mittens (Plate 34) of crimson
velvet, with embroidered satin gauntlets, was
given by Queen Elizabeth to her Maid of
Honour, Margaret Edgcumbe, wife of Sir Ed.
Denny, Knt. Banneret. The leather glove,
illustrated in the same plate, is of early
seventeenth century yyork.

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