Friday, March 2, 2012

Job by Mucha embroidery design

Job by Mucha

On each is repre-
sented part of an arcade supported by round
columns, with capitals of a foliated type.
Round the columns trail stems with large
flowers and leaves. Birds of gay plumage
are to be seen among the foliage, and on the
ground below are various animals, including
elephants, camels, a lion, a horse, hounds, a
goat, deer, foxes, sheep, rabbits, a squirrel,
a unicorn, and a dragon. The panels are of
great decorative value, and the large scale is
well suited to the purpose for which they
were designed.

Many large embroideries, used as hang-
ings, curtains, and valances, have survived
from the seventeenth century. They are
generally of linen, or a mixed material of
linen and cotton, worked with large patterns
in bright-coloured worsteds. The designs
may be classed in three varieties. Some
have isolated sprays of flowers at intervals
over the whole surface ; others are divided
into narrow upright panels by borders of
flowering stems, with a row of floral sprays
running down the middle of each panel

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